Bespoke FES, Standing and Active Technology

Our Aim at ActiveLinx

With personal experience and expertise in our market leading products we aim to help improve quality of life and increase active living for end users, helping them to stay fit and healthy. Specialising in Functional Electrical Stimulation and Standing Technology.

FES Technology and cycling

FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) is the latest innovation in the field of muscle stimulation. The BerkelBike Pro is an arm and leg powered bike using both sets of limbs, for indoor or outdoor use. Using the BerkelBike with FES – Functional Electrical Stimulation, allows people with complete transverse lesion and paralysed muscles to move again, so spinal cord injury or neurological patients are able to actively cycle using their own leg muscles.

Standing Technology

We work with high quality sit-to-stand technology called the EasyStand. There are a whole range of adult and youth Standing Frames. This allows people with physical and neurological conditions to have full supportive standing. We have several ‘passive frames’ and ‘active frames’. There’s also a frame which has a mobile option, so once you begin to stand, you can actually wheel around using your arms.

Our passive frames are very special, but we are even more proud of our EasyStand Evolve Glider which allows you to reciprocate movement from your arms to your legs. It’s a great way of exercising and has different resistance levels just like a cross trainer would in your local gym.

Hand Cycling

The Klaxon Klick range is built for speed and ease of use. Attaching to a wheelchair is something that can be quite cumbersome, but not in this case. Klaxon have designed assisted arm cycles, motorized attachments with off-road capabilities. This is the dream machine if you can’t weight bear on your legs, or just want fast travel, be it to the shops or at a festival.


We also work with a fantastic conceptual chair called the ICON A1. It is probably the only chair in the world that can be adjusted in so many different parameters; even its width can be adjusted! It has air suspension and a variation in design to the standard lightweight wheelchairs. WCMX riders love it because of the shock absorption! It also can be taken apart very easily to fit in small spaces, which is awesome for traveling.

Supporting Disabled People


Experienced Disability Equipment Supplier

ActiveLinx is the leading supplier for specialist disability equipment in England. The aim is to get disabled people more active, whether it’s through exercise or easy mobilisation.

Gear We Supply


Devices for Every Need

Our handpicked disability gear features the best technology on the market today. Whether you’re young, or old, we can help you travel faster and stay physically healthy!

Did you know?


Disabled in England

There are a massive amount of disabled users in England that’s increasing everyday whether it’s from old age, health, accident or unknown cause.

What Else Is There?

Support Services

The disability gear we sell is customized to the individuals needs upon the initial setup. For previous and new buyers, we now offer an ongoing paid support service. We’ll come out to your home to make sure your purchase is well maintained and performs as it should. Prices vary depending on the product, to keep it simple all details are on each individual listing.

It is recommended to go for a support package because through usage, your needs will change and that’s when you need Activelinx by your side.

Almost There!
There is a fantastic cafe/coffee shop onsite and our centre is fully accessible with disabled toilets/showers and ample free parking.

Schedule Demo

We’re aware every Wheelchair user has different needs. That’s why we offer a no obligation home assessment where we visit anywhere in England. Alternatively, you can book a slot and come to our centre in Peterborough and get a £100 Discount if a purchase is made.

ActiveLinx has been a disability equipment supplier for 10 years with products handpicked for long lasting performance and satisfaction.

For future visits to maintain performance, we offer paid support packages to maximise the benefits of your disability gear, be it for mobility, standing or FES related.


We’re aware every Wheelchair user has different needs. That’s why we offer a trial run  to test out our different range of adaptive technology.

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