How It Started At ActiveLinx.

A Message from ActiveLinx CEO Paul Moore

ActiveLinx was formed in 2011 to provide specialist disability equipment that could benefit those with a spinal cord injury or other neurological issues. My experience led the company to bringing innovative products and designs into the country. I was spinal cord injured in 1980 which is many years ago now. From a road traffic accident on a motorbike, I sustained an injury at T3 complete.

Before my accident I was a motor technician. However, it was a job I couldn’t go back to being a wheelchair user. I retrained by going back to college and got qualified as an electronics technician and continued to work for seven years.

Afterwards, I went into academia and joined a university to do a sports science and physical education degree. That went on for three years and I left as a postgraduate.

I competed as a Powerlifter and then a Discus thrower in various international events until 1998.

I eventually moved into the industry with Mobility Aids and standing systems, working there for about twenty years. But really, I wanted to work with this special disability equipment because I knew the benefits. I knew how much this would improve people’s quality of life. I left the company and created my own company with my wife Allison, today known as ActiveLinx. I have two young children who keep me very active. I always say that all my gray hairs are from them. Nevertheless, I am very keen to be as healthy as fit as I can be as they grow up!

What Kind of Disability Equipment Do We Sell Today?

I’ve always been incredibly passionate about having four active limbs. I’d use the support of our standing systems and the Berkelbike with FES cycling to maintain muscle mass in my paralysed legs. I think these products are probably the best in the world; something I personally, have had great benefits from using! That’s what allows me to keep a healthy lifestyle, an active outlook in life and allows me to work full-time.

You can see all our products we cover products for lots of different purposes. This includes, Active Standing, Leg Cycling, Arm Cycling, FES Cycling, Wheelchairs, Motorized attachments and Portable Showerchairs.

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