The Standing Frame Range

What is a Standing Frame?

A standing frame is a device that can allow someone with a disability, who cannot stand unaided, to stand safely and be fully supported while weight bearing through the legs. It allows for working muscles to be activated and strengthened as well as mobilisation for joints which helps increase their range of motion. The frame allows for a gradual build up from the sitting position, to complete standing. This enables the individual to be in total control for the length of time standing.

Why EasyStand?

Our standing frames have been perfecting sit to stand technology to improve the quality of life for children and adults who cannot stand unaided. EasyStand feature many support and positioning options, that provide standing solutions to fit almost anyone’s needs to stand safely and fully supported. This can include those with low level spinal cord injuries to those with little or no muscle tone from the neck down.

The Many Medical Benefits of Standing

“From personal experience, of 40 years Spinal Cord Injured (SCI) and full time wheelchair user, I know only too well the importance of standing for good general health maintenance and reducing the risk of secondary complications. Our bodily functions and organs rely on the gravity of standing up, circulation, pressure sore prevention, spasticity, bone density and range of motion of joints can all benefit and be improved by a regular standing practice. Standing also helps prevent deformities during Adolescence.”

Paul Moore, ActiveLinx CEO

Boost for Cardiovascular System

EasyStand Evolv Glider

The Easystand Evolv Glider is an Active Standing frame. The user moves the handles with their arms (or a caregiver can assist) which creates a reciprocal movement on the legs. Combining standing with passive/assisted exercise enhances the medical benefits of standing and weight bearing. Extra resistance can be added as progression is made.

EasyStand Evolv

The EasyStand Evolv is the most supportive and comfortable sit-to-stand standing frame available. Having over 60 support and positioning components it can be built specifically for the individual’s needs. The Evolv’s open base makes independent transfers easier and the frame provides a safe and supportive transition to standing.

The optimal standing position has been perfected in the Evolv standing frame by strategically placing pivot points of the stander in line with the body’s natural pivot points. It allows the user to stand in three easy steps – adjust, transfer and manually pump or power-up to stand.

EasyStand Mobile

The Mobile Standing Frame allows individuals to be more independent, being able to move around and engage in daily living tasks. The kneepads flip-up and the push rims swing forward so side transfers are made easier. The tray and pad then slides in to provide upper body support once standing. The Mobile Option can be ordered in all the three sizes of the Evolv Standing Frame Range, Medium, Large and Extra Tall (XT).

EasyStand Strap Stand

The EasyStand StrapStand is a strap style stander. There is no transfer needed; it will lift you directly from the wheelchair, bed or any seated surface into a standing position. WIth the lifting design of this stander you are first gently lifted vertically and then positioned over centre so avoiding pressure on the knees with a forced sit to stand transition.

Still not found what you’re looking for? Then check out the Berkelbike that can attach to any Wheelchair and make use of paralysed legs using Functional Electrical Stimulation.

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