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Klaxon Klick Range

The Klaxon Klick Range is an interchangeable Add-on that turns your Wheelchair into a tricycle. Each variation of design has adaptations suited to certain disabilities. It clears most land based terrains and hills with ease! This makes it perfect if you push your equipment to the limits at festivals, a country ride or visit to the shops. It also has a reverse mode which is very handy for indoors or places that are difficult to maneuver.

Understanding the Klaxon Klick Model Variations

There are actually quite a lot of different variations from Klaxon. The hybrid is great if you want an element of fitness and control. Plus if you forget to charge the battery, there’s a back up plan to getting home.

Then, the standard ‘Klaxon Electric’ is an all-rounder and has a ‘Tetra’ and ‘Power’ version which are adapted controls for tetraplegics or a bigger battery for longer distances. That applies for all the models. In addition to those variations, we’ve also got wheel modifications which are suitable for certain Terrains. That includes, Race, Monster and Mini which we’ll go into more detail about!

All the different models on offer from Klaxon have the same linking system. You’ve probably noticed by now that there is a stand, so that you don’t need to hold the weight of the device. In order for it to clip on, you’ll need to install the provided bracket which connects with folding and rigid wheelchairs. This will allow for quick and easy attachment whenever you need!

Klick, Done.

Klaxon Hybrid

The Klaxon Klick Hybrid is the ultimate electric assisted arm cycle with the added bonus that it connects to any wheelchair. Recumbent arm cyclists usually have a dedicated trike which is very low down and hard to transfer onto. (That’s if the legs aren’t functioning as they should.) The Klick Hybrid on the other hand means no transferring is required. You can stay in your manual wheelchair and maintain the physical aspect of traveling. Attach it to your Wheelchair, get some reps in and arrive at your destination quicker than ever. Simple as that!

It has a Lithium 48V x 11 Ah which powers a 48V x 500W Brushless Motor. The wheel size is 20 inches, which is similar to the Klick Monster, only the motor is half the wattage. That’s because rest of the energy driving the wheel comes from your arms! The total weight is 16.8kg with 9 gears which is going to be helpful when going up hills!

Just Want To Cruise?

Klaxon Electric

More suited to everyday use, the Klaxon Klick Electric is the most standard handbike on offer. It has road friendly, smooth tyres with a 15km/h maximum speed and disc braking in reach if need be! Note that the 36V x 370W Brushless Motor can travel 25km before the Lithium 36V x 5.8 Ah battery runs out. It also has a reverse gear which could come in handy!

Optional –

  • Klaxon Klick Power (Increased Battery Size Lithium 36V x 11 Ah, allowing distances of up to 50km)
  • Klaxon Klick Electric Tetra (Push/Pull Hand Controls)
  • Klaxon Klick Electric Tetra Power (Push/Pull and Increased Battery Size)

Klaxon Electric Race

Are you ready to race? The Klaxon Klick Electric Race has a more powerful 48V x 1000W brushless all-wheel motor. It has the smooth tyres, just like the Klick Electric with a 15km/h maximum speed but dual braking this time! You can get a whopping 50km range before the Lithium 48V x 11 Ah battery runs out. It attaches to your Wheelchair too, as usual with the provided mounting bracket. The reverse mode is a must have, which makes it more like a clip on mobility scooter!

Optional –

  • Klaxon Klick Electric Race Tetra (Push/Pull Hand Controls)

Klaxon Electric Monster

Similar to the Race model, the Klaxon Klick Monster takes it name from Monster Trucks that are high powered, with massive wheels that can cover very bumpy terrain very quickly. The other variations from Klaxon have a 14″ Wheel, whereas the Klick Monster has a 20″ Wheel. Again, its driven by a 48V x 1000W – Brushless motor to drive the XL offroad tyres. The increased Wheelsize reduces the max range to 40km compared to the Klick Race which has a 50km range.

Klaxon Electric Mini

Designed specifically for traveling, the Klaxon Klick Electric Mini weighs in at 9.2kg with a 36V x 250W motor and 25km range. The handlebar is foldable and the battery is airplane friendly. Take this on holiday with you, enjoy your time knowing that it’s going to be a breeze to mobilise! Don’t forget, airports can be busy, with the disc brakes, that should stop you wiping out pedestrians. Reverse mode is readily available for whenever you need to use it.

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