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What is a Berkelbike?

The Berkelbike is named after the inventor Rik Berkelmans from the Netherlands. It is based on a recumbent tricycle and classic dutch design, but with a twist. The position is more upright, which is more natural for posture of the neck. It also incorporates an arm cycle which can drive or assist the legs in pedaling. It supports the needs of a variety of disabilities and age groups with its best feature being the optional Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) computer which can enable people with paralysis to cycle. The huge health benefits are priceless, we’ve seen very positive results.

What is FES?

Functional Electrical stimulation is applied through adhesive electrodes, or FES Shorts to contract the muscles in the legs. The FES computer is actually a sequencer which fires the muscles at the right timing in order to cycle like an able-bodied person. The health benefits are immense allowing for increased muscle mass, prevention of pressure sores and an improved immune system.

Cycling with Paralysis

It’s now possible for those suffering from paralysis to prevent muscle wastage using Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES).

If you respond to a reflex test, then FES should work well. Some Spinal Injuries affect the Lumbar region causing either flaccid paralysis and that means standard FES will not work effectively. Same goes for peripheral nerve injury or plexus brachialis injury. Using a different frequency, we have a separate RISE stimulator. This can be used at home and would work better with your injury level. Passive exercise of the legs is still beneficial using the Berkelbike Pro, Connect or Fitness

Feel Professional

Berkelbike Pro

The professional all in one version of the Berkelbike, labelled ‘Pro’ has a backend with a seat for better positioning. This is suitable for those who are comfortable transferring. It comes with an arm cycle and leg cycle which enables a full body workout. The optional FES computer which allows paralysed people to cycle is initiated by pedaling forward with the arms. Also there is a disc brake which is triggered by back pedaling the arms along with a separate hand brake.

Optional Extras –

  • Pedal Calf Supports
  • Chin Controlled Gears
  • FES Computer (Triggered by Arm cycle)
  • Pedal Assist (As seen on the EasyLegs)
  • Seat Padding
  • Indoor Roller

Berkelbike Connect

The Berkelbike Connect is a cut down version of the Berkelbike Pro. The changes are that, the front end is attachable to any wheelchair with the provided clamping system. Just like the Pro, the FES computer can be triggered with the arms and as usual, back pedaling the arm cycle initiates the disk brake. This is more suitable for using the comfort of your own Wheelchair and avoiding transferring.

Optional Extras –

Don't Want or Need an Arm Cycle?

Berkelbike EasyLegs Pro

The Berkelbike EasyLegs Pro is the ‘legs only’ version of the recumbent tricycle. The arm cycle has been replaced with handlebars. For those struggling to walk, this is a brilliant accessible design. Many other recumbent tricycles are built very low to the ground and make it very difficult for transferring. With the Berkelbike EasyLegs, it’s built at the right height so it’s very easy to get started.

Optional Extras –

Berkelbike EasyLegs Connect

Find it difficult to transfer? No problem, the EasyLegs connect can attach to your wheelchair effortlessly with the included bracket. Replace your mobility scooter, take a ride down to the shops and load up your shopping basket!

Optional Extras-

Berkelbike Fitness

berkelbike exercise bike for elderly

The Berkelbike Fitness is designed purely for use in the home, or at the gym. It functions the similarly to the Berkelbike Connect and and can have optional FES to stimulate muscles for those with paralysis. It can be used with a Wheelchair, or normal chair which makes it great for lots of different disabilities. It has 8 different resistance options and is the most affordable option on offer from Berkelbike.

Optional Extras-

Still not found what you’re looking for? Then check out the EasyStand Range of standing frames, amazing passive exercise in your home!

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