Chainfree with String Handbike

What is a StringBike?

Most bicycles nowadays have a drive train that uses a chain ring and a sprocket, connected by a metal chain. This can be noisy, oily and cumbersome to maintain. StringBike boasts about its spring loaded StringDrive mechanism using, you guessed it, Strings! Designed by Hungarians, riding is now smoother than ever and they also launched the following arm only models to assist Wheelchair users: String Tricycle, String Handbike and String Chair.

Benefits of Using Strings

Usually replacing a chain takes ages and would require a chain tool to remove/add chain links. Strings do not require the use of oil and can be quickly changed in 10 minutes without the use of tools. The strings never fall off, but if they do snap from hard use after 500 – 1500km of riding. It’s not difficult to replace them with the spare set that are kept on the bike.

StringBike models use a balanced drive system which has Strings each side. This improves the pedaling motion to be more fluent because of the even power distribution.

StringDrive Technology

Instead of a Derailleur to change gears, StringBike has come up with a totally different concept. It has 19 transmission ratios (Low to High 304%) which are selected by moving the rope wheels up or down. These can be changed under heavy load, which is important when starting from a standstill.

Obviously this whole mechanism is a lot smoother than any other bicycle or handbike. There’s no clicking noise when freewheeling, just the sound of the tyres.

19 Gears, 304% Ratio

Prevent Shoulder Problems

String Handbike Tricycle

Who Is It Suitable For?

This is the all in-exclusive String HandBike Tricycle which is suited to those with partial mobility who wish to exercise. It comes with a leather seat and adjustable footplates. In theory, it is possible for Paraplegics to transfer and use, but it’s more practical as a mobility scooter alternative. The main feature is obviously the Push-Pull mechanism that has 19 gears. StringDrive technology ensures a smooth yet silent acceleration.

String Handbike


  • StringDrive Technology
  • 19 Gears Push-Pull
  • Foot Supports
  • 3.9kg Aluminum Frame
  • 559mm Rear Rims
  • Range of colours

Prefer To Use A Wheelchair?

String Handbike Dock (Slim Singlespeed)

stringbike slimdock singlespeed folr wheelchair

Basic Version for Flatland

The most basic version, the String Handbike Dock can connect to most Wheelchairs with the provided ‘docking mechanism’. It features a Single Speed Gearing Mechanism and can be driven with one hand if required. It weighs 3.9kg so it’s reasonably lightweight and easy to get started but should only be used on flat terrain.

Dock SingleSpeed


  • StringDrive Technology
  • Single speed Push-Pull
  • 3.9kg Aluminum Frame
  • 20″ – 26″ Front Wheel
  • Range of colours

String Handbike Dock (Delta Multispeed)

Stringbike Handbike with Extra Gears

If you’re most comfortable when using a Wheelchair, the String Handbike Dock with Delta Multispeed gears is the fastest model available. With a total of 39 combined gears using StringDrive technology, this is a silent speed machine! Uphill or downhill, the push pull mechanism is similar to rowing and can be attached to most Wheelchairs.

Dock Multispeed


  • StringDrive Technology
  • 2 x 19 Gears Push-Pull
  • 3.9kg Aluminum Frame
  • 20″ – 26″ Front Wheel


Everyday Mobilising with StringChair

This is the newest super lightweight version called the StringChair. It adapts StringDrive technology to turn your own Wheelchair into a shoulder pain free powerhouse. The driving mechanism is a little different, push forward to propel your Wheelchair, and pull back to brake. It’s also worth noting the Wheels can still function as normal if required.

String Chair


  • StringDrive Technology
  • 2 Wheels with mounted Stringdrive drums
  • 2 Handles
  • 2 String
  • 4 Intensity Settings

Want to make use of your legs and arms? Then check out the Berkelbike FES Bike Range where you can make use of Functional Electrical Stimulation and excellent engineering.

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